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But WHY ?

in General , Monday, May 16, 2005

Why why why why why. Why am I writing this stuff ? The few people who actually read it would probably be far more interested if I picked up the phone to talk to them about things instead. What is this weblogging stuff for ? The vast majority of blogs I subscribe too are full of short post that boil down to one-liner musings which offer little in the way of deep discussion or debate. Some blogs are published with a "professional" slant - I read quite a lot on usability and information architecture, but these are all too often recycled, inter-referential, or just plain dull. And no shortage of one-liners there either. Another strange example is given by my former acquaintances John & Jan, with their ultra personal diary blog - see for example london: No Telly. I read their blog every morning on the train (thanks to Stand Alone Software's rather good Quick News), and am always pleased to get a new helping of voyeuristic thrills. But (a) do they spend time on this stuff, and why (b) do I read it ? Again, I could just pick up the phone to ask them how they're doing (they may have a few sharp words for me, but that's another story). Are we (ok, "we" is stretching a point) really approaching the point where our online personas are all that matters, or even all that exists, for any practical purpose ? I'm getting to the point where as soon as I have an idea about something, I immediately think of blogging it. The point of developing the idea a bit then becomes essentially to make a good posting, not a good idea. Anyway, this weekend we saw two films - "The Reporter" - very, very good, and "Spanglish" - very good. We ate pizza at Santa Lucia and I had my favourite (the world's best pizza in fact) ... spinaci e gamberoni. And now it's raining.