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Swisscom Mobile Labs

in Technology , Thursday, November 02, 2006

Mobile Telcos are not, in my experience, models of innovation, whatever they may say or think. Indeed, a bit over two years ago I couldn't even give away a fully featured mobile blogging platform to Swisscom Mobile (as an extension to a product already bought and in service....but whatever) But it seems that times have changed - Swisscom Mobile Labs recently launched, providing early adopters a chance to use beta products over the mobile network. Media Bridge, an implementation of Soonr, works extremely well.... LaunchBarScreenSnapz001.jpg So, the latest announcement about mobile tagging is very welcome:

New service added at Swisscom-Labs: Mobile Tagging: "This is the name of the new technology that provides direct access to content such as games, music, videos and websites over the mobile phone. Content is accessed by photographing tags (barcodes) using a mobile phone camera. In the download section, we are offering customers the opportunity to download free content via mobile tagging. (Note: Without a Vodafone Live! portal option, transmission costs of around CHF 0.60 per download apply.) In the next phase these tags will appear in the '20 Minuten' commuter newspaper and other print media.

P.S. You can also generate your own tags here e.g. for your home page or to write SMS messages."

(Via Swisscom Mobile Labs.)

I look forward to trying it.

SuperOyster - a brilliant idea

in Technology , Wednesday, June 07, 2006

I've been playing with the Alpha Release of the platform. This really is an innovative application. It took me a while to really get it, but once I clicked it was obvious. SuperOyster has found a way to add value - or extract value - from waiting lists. Why didn't somebody else think of it first ?

ETH: Mensch | Bild | Netzwerk

in Technology , Friday, April 22, 2005

Surprising things pop up in Zuerich main station. Today as I wandered through, in a total daze, I noticed this strange structure: Inside are a lot of things presented by ETH boffins and boffinettes (technical University of Zuerich) which if I was cool I would probably describe as cool. But I'm too old for that, not to mention semi comatose, so I'll settle for "interesting". For example wearable computers.... ....and numerous slightly inscrutable interactive experiments hosted mostly on a gleaming array of very new, very expensive Macs. Clearly ETH are not lacking budget... [Posted from the scene with hblogger 2.0]

Adobe to acquire Macromedia

in Technology , Monday, April 18, 2005

About Adobe - Adobe to acquire Macromedia: ""

Wow. That's going to change things a bit... I guess we can say "goodbye" to Freehand (it already escape once from Adobe). And "Adobe Director" ! Totally mind-boggling. I'm just checking.... no, it's not April 1st. Amazing.