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iPhone Fuss

in Mobile , Tuesday, June 12, 2007

Big fuss over in Mac developer land about Satan (Steve Jobs, apparently) not providing an SDK for the iPhone. It would be interesting for them to take a look at my Nokia N73. Since I updated the firmware a few weeks back (in order to get a reliable bluetooth connection), every time I switch it on, it asks me for the data and time, giving a default of 01 Jan 06 00:00:00. It then announces it is installing some mystery application, which, 30 seconds later, it tells me it has failed to do. Apparently I have some defective installer file on my memory card. Can I look for SIS files on my card, using the standard Nokia File Manager ? Nope. Can I delete installers from the Application Manager ? Nope. I have installed exactly 4 things: Flash Lite 2.1, Wayfinder 7, an auto screen lock app (since, incredibly, the N73 doesn't have one) and a screenshot app. One of these is screwing up, wasting my time and stressing me out every time I switch the phone on (e.g after getting off a plane) when I just want to get on and make a call. In theory I could set aside some time to investigate, but I don't have that time. The vast majority of smartphone - and any phone - users have one over-riding requirement: it has to work, always, and now. Fortunately Jobs, and Apple, gets this (although I still think the iPhone misses the point), but Mac developers quite clearly do not.

Nokia finally adds Mac support ?

in Mobile , Monday, June 11, 2007

Feeling the heat from the iPhone ? Something called Nokia Media Transfer (beta) has turned up on Nokia's European site. Seems to add Mac support for recent N-series devices. Why they couldn't simply add iSync support, as they have for a few E-series phones, will, I suppose, remain a mystery. Hopefully whatever Mac support they do add will be considerably better than the dog's breakfast they burden Windows users with. UPDATE: It works, and really well. I'm impressed.


in Mobile , Wednesday, January 10, 2007

So, here it is.... what the World + Dog has been waiting for LaunchBarScreenSnapz001.jpg ...and, since it has been Designed In California, it is totally clueless about the one most important aspect to a mobile phone - especially a smartphone. Unbelievably. it will not support 3G / UMTS. All the gear and no idea. All dressed up and nowhere to go. Amazing. Nokia must be pi**ing themselves. (UPDATE: and it doesn't support MMS. And there is no scope for 3rd party development. And the battery is not removable. And.... never mind)

Book Review: Mobile Strategies

in Mobile , Thursday, October 12, 2006

mobstrat.jpg The blurb on Amazon tells us that "Mobile Strategies explains the different business models and strategies available for businesses looking to enter the mobile sector". Well, in this case, the book does exactly what the blurb says. Tom Weiss manages to pack an extremely complete overview of the mobile communications world into well under 200 pages. He does this with considerable style and a strong sense of narrative, whih makes "Mobile Strategies" not only worth reading, but actually pleasant to read. Obviously, he does not go into any great depth, but in terms of breadth there isn't much left out. Any book that manages to span a range like semaphore to up-to-the-minute Mobile TV in so few pages, and still remain substantial, is a rarity in the tech publishing world. It is ironic that this book is published by the same company as "Mobile Web 2.0", which only just escapes being utterly hopeless. Tom Weiss clearly cares about style, presentation, typography and general writing and editing skills, and understands why they are important. He also obviously has a deep understanding of his chosen topic. It is a pity the authors of Mobile Web 2.0 did not pick up a few tips on both aspects before publishing their book. For anybody getting into the mobile sector, or for anybody inside it in need of a breath of fresh air and a 30,000 feet view, "Mobile Strategies" is highly recommended.

Moblogging 2.0?

in Mobile , Wednesday, August 30, 2006

I was intrigued by the offer of a free web based moblogging system at Scripting News.... Well, I tried it. And I tried. And I tried. And I got a lot of screens that look just like this: The link l used was most certainly what I sent. Oh well. Back to mo:blog. It ain't trendy. It ain't Californian. It is, actually, 2.0, and it does seem to be in permanent Beta, but, sadly, it doesn't support social meta tagging or crowd-driven meme mapping, so it can't be hip. Oh, and it works, too. Ok, it's not very nice, big, or clever to mock a free, experimental service. But fercrissakes, why experiment with moblogging. Been there, done that. (oh yeah.... posted with mo:blog.)
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