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iExpression test

So many tests, so little time

in iPhone , Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Just a little test post from iExpression, with a photo attached to make it less boring


iBlogger part 2

Another step towards Blog Nerdvana

in iPhone , Friday, April 03, 2009

Well, I eventually managed to get it to work. The trick was to download ecto, the desktop blog editor from the same publisher, figure out how that communicates with Expression Engine, and apply the results to iBlogger. Result: success.

The main issue seems that I was stuck in a “this is how Mars Edit works” mindset. iBlogger (and Ecto) works differently. Not better, just differently, although actually in this particular case, it is better.

The only thing I still can’t get working is categories.

So now I can blog from my iPhone. If only I had something interesting to talk about…

  Mobile Blogging from here.



An unenthusiastic review of this iPhone application.

in iPhone , Friday, March 20, 2009

I am now an official convert to the Cult of iPhone. Partly because I don’t need a Flash Lite compatible phone from day to day any more, and partly because I got really fed up of my latest piece of crap from Sony Ericsson. I’m not surprised they’re posting huge losses.

A huge attraction of the iPhone is the Application Store, and one thing I wanted to try was a blogging tool. This was also an ongoing saga during my time with Palm PDAs, and I never found anything that worked properly.

iBlogger claims to work with Expression Engine. Well, so far, it doesn’t, unless your definition of “works” is fairly loose. Yes, you can post an entry, but you can’t set categories, and you can’t use any fields other than “Title” and “Body” (actually this may be an issue with EE’s Metaweblog API, as I can’t with MarsEdit either).

iBlogger doesn’t have much documentation, either in the application itself, or the sparse and fairly wobbly website that hosts it. However, email support is fast and responsive.

Actually, iBlogger looks nice, and if only it would work, I’d love it. And Expression Engine is a bit of an edge case. But if the support isn’t there, it shouldn’t be advertised. And commercial applications, however they are produced, require at least some documentation.

So, for now at least, I’m afraid it’s a thumbs down for iBlogger. The search goes on.