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Free gift!

in Palm , Friday, June 23, 2006

UPDATE - 5:55pm CET - ok, the WiFi card has been claimed - Power2Go still waiting, for any power-mad T3 users out there... I really don't know if anybody reads this stuff, but maybe this will flush a few people out... Since I am now using a LifeDrive, I have no further need for my Tungsten T3 accessories. So, the first persons to send me an email in response to this entry will receive a prize: Either a Palm WiFi SD Card (suitable for T3, T5, and some Treos I believe) or a Power2Go T3 battery pack. Just post a reply, and tell me which you want. Rules & conditions:
  • First come, first served
  • You must include a photo of you and your Palm (hardware device, not human appendage). The Palm must be recognisable. You give me the right to post the photo here
  • You can only choose one prize
  • The prize will be sent by mail. I will pay the costs, but any customs duties or other delivery charges are your responsibility
  • Everything was working last I looked (a few weeks ago) but there are no guarantees...
  • It's my blog and my decision is final
The first challenge is finding my email address on this site, but it isn't so difficult... So, anybody out there ?