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Hypersonic parcel delivery

in Humour , Tuesday, July 04, 2006

Checking on the progress of the delivery of my new MacBook (replacing my tiBook which had an unfortunate accident and untimely end recently), I was very impressed to see that TNT managed to move it from Basel to Zurich in under one second, and then from Zurich to Geneva in under two seconds. They ran out of steam after that, taking 2.5 hours to move it from Geneva back to Zurich, but even so, it is pretty impressive. I hope the heat shield held up ok. With such performance, it is not surprising that they cut the delivery date back from 11th July to 4th July. Highly recommended! 04 juil. 2006 06:21 Zurich Released From Customs 04 juil. 2006 03:43 Geneva Customs Clearance In Progress 04 juil. 2006 03:42 Zurich Customs Clearance In Progress 04 juil. 2006 03:42 Basel Customs Clearance In Progress