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I’m not into games

in Playyoo , Thursday, November 15, 2007

It's true. I'm not into games. And yet almost all my waking hours are devoted to designing a service built around gaming. So how does that work ? Well ok, it isn't 100% true that I'm not into games. I was really hooked by Myst (when it first came out. Yes, I'm that old), and the last PC game I played was Myst 4 (not entirely sure why, but never mind). For a while, I looked for similar experiences, and spent a few weeks here and there obsessed with games like Amber: Journeys Beyond, Obsidian, The Forgotten, and Starship Titanic. Shooter and RPG games of all types just left me cold - I just could not be bothered with all the trivia you have to learn. I've never owned a games console, although I have enjoyed the odd post-pub Playstation session. I sort of feel I should own one, but I really can't be bothered. Anyway, I'm afraid I'd get hooked. However, the most enjoyable of my job now has to be testing our prototype games on mobile phones. Just in 20 minutes or so, on my daily commute, I can fit in 10 or so plays, all good fun. And I'm not eating into precious time. And when I get into the office, I can plug into the social network, check out the leaderboards, and claim my bragging rights. All good fun. scores.jpg

An early version of Playyoo's social networking tools

And the other part of it is that we are opening up a channel for people's creativity. When we say that Playyoo is about user generated content, we really mean that, and we're doing our best to make it happen. I can't say much about this yet, but suffice it to say, it has certainly got me into both making and playing games - casual games, which are fun, inventive, diverse, satisfy an inherent desire to play but don't take over my life. I doubt that this is going to be terribly attractive to Halo addicts - then again, what do I know about Halo - but it does look like the idea of games for "people who are not into games" has legs.