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It was in the summer

in Music , Friday, July 20, 2007

Today's great lost & found iTunes album (or whatever you call 'em these days) ... Bill Pritchard's "Jolie", featuring the wonderful "In the summer" and 9 other gems. Strange character, Bill Pritchard. From somewhere Up North in England (Lichfield ? Is that Up North ?) but somehow spiritually a native of Paris. Totally wonderful songwriter, and a brilliant, idiosyncratic performer. I only once had the pleasure of seeing him play live, but his rendition of "Kenneth Williams is a sick man" will never leave me. Never hit anything approaching the big time, but he was quite hip around the mid 90s if I remember correctly. I'd be very surprised if you could find this anywhere other than iTunes these days. I've still go my vinyl copy in a storage unit somewhere...well, I won't be needing it anymore. (album cover scrounged from the apparently defunct Bill Pritchard discography site.