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LinkedIn & Business Communities

, Tuesday, October 03, 2006

I have been registered on LinkedIn since pretty much when it was first launched. I'm not really sure that it has ever produced anything of value to me, but since I now need to update my contacts and let people know that I have started another completely new career phase, I decided to brush up my profile and circulate it. I have 38 connections, which isn't many, and most of these are basically social. I'm not really sure what LinkedIn is really supposed to accomplish, in the end, but I guess I'll carry on with it for now. An alternative is OpenBC, but as a new colleague of mine said today, do we really need this fragmentation ? I can't face having to build an OpenBC network as well, although in some ways it offers a lot more. The group discussions are at least in theory interesting. I'd rather just meet people, really. I so miss the Stone Age :-)