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McDonald’s finally found us

in Music , Thursday, May 12, 2005

McDonald's finally found us (and we're folklore in Turin) - well ok, not McDo, but close enough... iTunes finally landed in Switzerland. About time too, because iPod mania is reaching epidemic levels here in Zuerich. They're everywhere, and anybody who is anybody has at least two (like me of course). iPod=cool in these parts, and everybody is deseperate to be cool by association, including my bank UBS who have thrown all financial caution to the wind and are giving one whole song free to everybody who signs up by May 30th. Everybody, that is, who can work out how to claim it, which I haven't yet. Never mind, I marked the occasion by buying the album "Weather" by the excellent Lunik, the best thing to come out of Switzerland since Movenpick chocolate ice cream. Lunik remind me a lot of the legendary English group, The Sundays, especially on their latest "unplugged" CD, "Life is on our side". It's a long time since I've really felt enthusiastic about a new band or singer... if I were still a 20something I think I could get quite fanatical about Lunik. [Posted from the scene with hblogger 2.0]