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More on Mind Mapping

in Productivity software , Thursday, October 19, 2006

Through Technorati, I discovered that a few people had read and commented about my recent post on MindManager and Novamind, in various places. It also led me to the blog run by Ari Oskarsson in Norway, who is a MindManager fan. Well, so was I, but finally I decided to go for Novamind. It does get easier to use after you read the manual, and although it is a bit rough around the edges, and sometimes irritatingly inconsistent, it does get pretty smooth after a bit of practice. It has a lot of features, probably far too many to be optimally intuitive, but they can in general always be ignored. So far I could not honest place the "unique Branch Proposal System" under any category other than "gimmick", but whatever. After a bit of fiddling, it is possible to configure so that it looks more or less like MindManager for Mac, and it is under one third of the price of MindManager (well under one third). I'm using it now almost constantly to keep track of a concept which is expanding at an alarming rate, and I fully recommend it.