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More popular than 7 million other losers: official

in Irreverence , Wednesday, April 20, 2005

I've just registered myself at technorati. This has provided me with the nugget of information that my estimate that this blog was number 46,786,342,113 might have been a bit out. Seems that as far as tecnorati are concerned, The Evenings Out Here is ranked at 1,108,851. By a really strange coincidence, it's close relative, Photoblogography, is ALSO ranked at 1,108,851. Strange doings indeed. Technorati claims to be watching 8,994,847 weblogs. So either (wait a minute, let's fire up Calculator, I can't do this stuff in my head anymore) there are 7,885,996 which they're watching but are not registered...who are these guys ? the CIA ? the Rosicrucians ? Andrew Orlowski ? ... or I'm more popular (twice more in fact) than over 7 million other weblogs!!! I think I'll settle for the latter. Now I feel good.