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Nokia - Spamming People

in Hall of Shame , Thursday, January 04, 2007

I'm happy to launch a new category in this blog today, "Hall of Shame", dedicated to godawful user experiences. And the inaugural entry is.... step on down CLUB NOKIA!! Having just taken delivery on a new Nokia N73 (for business purposes, not real world use), and being heavily encouraged by the bloody thing to sign up to Club Nokia for uncounted wealth and wonderful features, I set about the task. Strike 1: Whilst the prompt to do this comes up in the phone web browser, and includes a direction to go to [url=][/url], this is not a hyperlink. Moron factor 9/10, already. So rather than fiddle about entering a URL, off to the PC. Just as well, probably. Nokia's web site is hardly mobile friendly, at least the Swiss French version isn't (no, there isn't a Swiss Italian version). Strike 2: This part is unbelievable: You cannot choose to NOT get spammed. You have to select "email" or "SMS / MMS", otherwise, f*** off or however you put it in Finland. Snapz Pro XScreenSnapz001.jpg Strike 3: when you finally select how you would like to be spammed, and click on Accept, you then get a new screen in the pop inviting to log on ... huh ?? You tentatively enter the user name and password you've just selected, click on ok, and ... you get back to the registration screen, with an error telling you that the username already exists. At this point you start to wonder if this is because it is stuck in a loop ... or whatever ... or, f%&% it, let's just forget about it. Surely they can do better than this ?