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Opposite of mobile ?

Stopped ? Static ? Immobile ? Microsoft ?

in Mobile , Friday, May 23, 2008

I frequently find myself writing about the mobile and web interface of Playyoo, and other services and products. But the fact is, Playyoo's mobile interface is a web site, styled for mobile phones, and Playyoo's "web site" can, at least in principle, be accessed using a mobile device powerful enough to support it. The distinction, clearly, is not in the technology, but in the type of user activity we're trying to support in each case. The mobile interface is strongly tuned to deliver the right content quickly, and to bypass conventional search mechanisms. The "web" interface is designed to support a more engaged. more complex set of activities, and in many ways is the auxiliary interface in Playyoo (as opposed to, say, mobile Facebook or mobile Flickr, which, whilst useful, are essentially heavily watered down token efforts). The term "mobile" can equally well describe the user's situation as well as the target device. But "web" is far less specific, and implicitly it means "the user is sitting in front of a computer with a large screen and a broadband connection". And more and more this is going to become a very shaky assumption. So what's the opposite of "mobile" ?