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Playyoo goes live!

in General , Monday, October 01, 2007

So, finally I can reveal what I've been working on for the past 6 months. Today we launch the preview of Playyoo, a web social application in the casual mobile game space. playyoo1.jpg It is a bit of a challenge to explain Playyoo in a concise sentence, as it has several different dimensions. But basically what we have set out to address is to fix the appalling user experience associated with almost all forms of mobile games. We've looked at selection and browsing, especially on mobile, and come up with some fairly radical approaches. We've looked at the supply side as well, especially how we can make it much, much easier to create games. There is a whole social dimension to Playyoo, but it isn't just glued on. Rather, it underpins the whole system. Today we've just launched the preview, which, by the way, includes a chance to win $10,000 just for creating a teeny little Flash Lite game. This offers only a hint of what's to come, but we are now open to scrutiny, to debate and discussion. (inevitably we've had a few start up glitches, and just for now we've removed the text message method of accessing the preview site. But you can get at it directly by pointing your mobile browser at: