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Playyoo goes live

in Playyoo , Wednesday, December 12, 2007

Well, we've thrown the switch. Quite a few things exploded, and we all spent most of the night trying to pick the pieces off the floor, but we're now open - hesitantly - for business. So come on over to Playyoo and see for yourselves. Naturally, the best memes rise to the top, so we should not be surprised that we've already been invaded by LOLCatz. CAN I HAS GAME MOBILE ? ll_lolcatz.jpg Thanks for that, Kars :-) The great thing about Playyoo, for me anyway, is when you're too ham-fisted to get anywhere with a game, well, hey, you can just make it easier... ll_dummies.jpg Or, if you're more into challenges, you can make it as hard as crossing the Nufenen Pass on a Spacehopper... ll_maze.jpg So, we're having fun. Well, briefly. Then it's back to bug fixing. It's a great relief to get Playyoo out in the world, and I'd very much like to thank everybody involved, even those who probably think I hate them. I don't. Playyoo was conceived on 13 Nov 2006, after a least one bottle of wine. It was launched on 12 Dec 2007 with a very fine bottle of champagne.