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Reboot 8: (Not) getting the basics right…

in General Rants , Monday, December 18, 2006

Reboot 8 sounds like a very interesting meeting. In fact, so interesting that I'd love to register. Only, so far, since the site has been offering the opportunity to register, all it delivers is a blank page. It also offers to help "If you need to sell reboot to your boss(but really don't believe what they say, come and be it yourself)" Yeah. Whatever. My boss is extremely sold by the idea that a leading edge web conference can't even get a registration page working. I wonder when they'll notice ? BELATED POSTSCRIPT (8 July 2007) - seems that I was actually looking for reboot9. Somehow the reboot7 site was still up, and this pointed me to "next year", i.e. reboot8, which was actually last year. reboot9 didn't go on line until much later. Nevertheless, the signup should have said something like "sorry, registrations are closed" or something. So anyway, I missed reboot9, although I met some great people at the post-conference party. Hopefully I'll get to reboot10, and actually have something interesting to say.