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Share your OPML

in Design & Usability , Friday, June 09, 2006

The latest craze promoted by Dave Winer is Share Your OPML. Nothing wrong with, in fact it's a good idea, and I've finally got around to participating. However, I do wonder if the tireless Mr Winer wasn't in just a bit too much of a hurry in building the site: shareopml.jpg Look at the text, then the check box. The text says "It (sharing) defaults to on". The check box label, which actually doesn't say anything about turning anything off or on, but can be assumed to do so, defaults to unchecked, indicting that sharing is off. The text also says that sharing might be undesirable (true), so it should indeed default to "off". But it also says that one should "give thought before turning it on". My core reaction to this is "huh ?"