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Sitting targets

in General Rants , Thursday, November 09, 2006

Interesting read about the valiant, skilled, courageous Swiss hunters shooting marmots. Could they not find more challenging targets ? It is often reported that hunters frustrated at not being able to massacre deer or mountain goats, despite their high tech arsenals, turn to marmots, which are in general a protected species. Perhaps they shoot try shooting themselves - it would certainly make the world a better place, to be rid of some of these brainless morons - but thy'd probably miss.

Need binoculars to find a marmot ? He probably needs a periscope to find his arse with both hands. And my, what a nice big gun.

This bloodlust in a certain minority (I hope) section of the Swiss community is highly disturbing, and revealing of the real nature of a section of the Swiss society. Not so much tranquil, peace loving neutrals, but gun loving toy soldiers who love to shoot anything in sight. Probably they organise cultural exchanges with the similarly rabid British fox hunting or badger baiting communities. Or indeed Russian bear poachers. What a world. Note, however, that there are plenty of Swiss who strongly condemn such barbarity, although clearly swissinfo would not dream of voicing an opinion.