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Sony Ericsson W910i

in Playyoo , Monday, November 12, 2007

We've been going through quite a lot of phones whilst developing and testing Playyoo. Personally I've had my hands on the Nokia N73 (s'okay, I suppose), the Sony Ericsson W810i (not bad but small screen), the Nokia N95 (a loose collection of partially debugged applications rattling around in a box designed by a large committee), and now the Sony Ericsson W910i. The W910i is, without a doubt, the nicest phone I've ever used. It is small, slim, but has a huge screen and fantastic build quality. The software is well integrated, and whilst it adds new features, none of these will prevent a long term Sony Ericsson user finding the stuff they already know about immediately. It has an excellent slider keypad and the usual top level Sony Ericsson ergonomics. It makes my personal K810i look very old. For anybody who appreciates good industrial design, it is a real treat. I just demands to be picked up and played with. I haven't even used the music features yet, or even read the manual. But I have used the built in Flash Lite 2.0 player extensively, testing Playyoo prototype games... w910i.jpg I'm still hopeless at Lunar Lander, but I'm getting pretty good at snake. Hopefully when we go live in a few weeks, somebody will use our authoring tools to build a lunar lander that is actually easy enough for me. But if anybody is looking for the perfect Flash Lite games phone, I'd say the Sony Ericsson W910i fits that description.