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Sprechen Sie Googleisch ?

in General Rants , Tuesday, August 22, 2006

So, I decided to sign up for Google Analytics. Seems interesting, even useful. I went through the registration process, until I got to the terms and conditions. And here is what I got: googleanalytics.jpg Guess what Google ? Not all of Switzerland speaks German. Switzerland has 4 official languages, of which French and Italian are significant proportions, and providing a version in Rumantsch would be a nice touch too. And since there is a considerable international community, an English version would be useful. Is that so difficult to manage ? Companies which trample all over linguistic sensibilities like this do themselves no favours. Possibly they are even acting illegally - it may well be that this agreement is non-binding if offered in Lugano or Geneva. It isn't just Google - MindJet, makers of the pretty cool MindManager, decided yesterday that despite the fact I signed up in English, because I gave Switzerland as my location, I wanted a German demo version (actually, I may be in part unfair here, as I believe that MindManager for OS X is a single, multi-language installation, but the download page was in German only). I've got nothing against Swiss Germans, but I've got quite an issue with lazy multinationals who appear to believe that Switzerland is part of Germany....