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in General , Friday, March 13, 2009

After over two years of intensive work on the Playyoo Flash Lite user-generated casual game platform, I’ve now reached the final score screen and run out of lives…

Playyoo carries on without me, and, I can assure you, is under constant development by the team (in the office next door). I’m sure they’ll be only too pleased to take advantage of my unsolicited advice and opinions over the coming months :-)

My own very mixed feelings about leaving it behind have been alleviated by the challenge of taking on not one but several key roles in Imaginventure’s next big thing (still top secret), and getting a very welcome and very clear statement of confidence from The Boss.

For the first time in my working life, I’ve also been offered the opportunity of working part time for a period, which I’ve grabbed with both hands, although I’m afraid it could go much faster than I expect.