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in General , Monday, April 18, 2005

And another new blog is launched on the Ocean Of Etherbits (No. 46,786,342,113 I believe). Why ? Does there have to be a reason ? I suppose because I sometimes have thoughts that are interesting to share, and the opportunity for sharing thoughts seems to be shrinking to nothing. Plus, if I write something down I'm more likely to remember it. The hardest thing about starting a new blog is finding the name. This one just picked up the name "The Evenings Out Here" as it bounced around my cortex. "The Evenings Out Here" was the title of a sort of proposed collection of live recordings by my long forgotten band, back when I wasted time on this. If only I'd studied / worked harder, I a life nice could linear have had. The title is lifted from a song written by Simon Kingsley (even longer forgotten) but I can't remember which one just now.