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The “Swiss” experience

in General Rants , Friday, September 01, 2006

Sad how the successor to two of the world's best airlines, Crossair and Swissair, has turned into Crapair. Normally I can't be bothered with mailing customer relations, but this time, enough is enough. I'm in Zürich. Swiss is based here. Their call center is in South Africa. Ticketing is done in Australia. They take 2 days to clear a credit card payment. They are appaling - at least the aircrew seem to know what they're doing... Anyway, for the record, here's my latest rant: "I have just called your service line with a question about seat allocations. I am by now used to calling a Swiss airline, from Zürich, but talking to somebody in South Africa. But I am not yet used to the dismissive way my calls are handled. My problem was this: I just carried out an e-Check In for myself and my partner for tomorrow morning. I discovered that we are not seated together. Of course, by the time the web check in process informs you of the seat number, you are already checked in. There is no way to back out. This system does not appear to have been tested on customers before being put into production. The service agent informed me that no seas were actually allocated to me. I then pointed out to her that I had them printed out in front of me. She retreated. She told me that two adjacent seats were available, but she could not do anything about it, and was clearly just trying to get rid of me. I asked if we could be seated in Economy together. I was told this was impossible - indeed, it was clear that she thought I was quite stupid to ask for this. I regret to say this, but this is not the first time I have had an experience like this with your call centre recently. The level of customer service is atrocious. The staff are rude, unhelpful, and appear very badly trained. This experience has nothing to do with a swiss, or "Swiss", experience. It is noticeable how much better the service is from Helvetic. I will take this into account the next time I want to fly from Zürich. A very disappointed customer - Erlenbach, Switzerland" -- If you're flying to Zürich... DO NOT FLY SWISS. You have been warned.