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The Wit & Wisdom of LinkedIn

in Humour , Thursday, November 23, 2006

So, I was exploring LinkedIn this morning, mainly to see if I could find another contact for a large US software publisher which refuses to return my calls or answer emails (apparently it "revolutionises how the world engages with ideas and information" - apparently by ignoring all outside contact. Well, it's certainly a new approach). Anyway. I came across the "service recommendation" section, and discovered that LinkedIn seems to extend slightly beyond the software & services industries these days... Snapz-Pro-XScreenSnapz001.jpg, not only house cleaners, but HONEST house cleaners!!! (Those of you not totally up to speed with the more obscure corners of the English language might find the following useful) DictionaryScreenSnapz002.jpg I'm a sloth. Find me on LinkedIn :-) (Apparently Ms. Sloth, who seems to offer services in Melbourne, Australia, is a highly recommended Independent Management Consulting Professional. How she (it?) ended up in the Top House Cleaners list, on the strength of 1 recommendation, must remain a mystery - and Rita M. Perez ranks below her/it.....)