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Andy Rouse. Me, jealous ?

in Book Reviews , Friday, September 03, 2004

I've just finished readding Andy Rouse's wonderful book, Life in the Wild: A Photographer's Year. This has to be one of the best nature photography books around. Andy writes almost as well as he photographs, and his style makes it far from the usual ponderous "a photographer writes" stuff but does not fall into the trap of trying to be funny at the expense of being interesting. Andy is pretty prolific - he also contributes regularly to Nature Photographers Online Magazine", writes reviews for UK online retailer Warehouse Express, writes for Practical Photographer, wins lots of prizes, runs tours, and generally seems to pretty much on the ball. I thoroughly recommend "Life in the Wild" - it takes you from Andy's back garden (almost), to the Arctic, to Africa, to India and back. A wonderful journey from which he brought back some stunning photographs. I'm sure almost any "outdoor" photographer would enjoy it.

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