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Book Review: Mobile Strategies

in Mobile , Thursday, October 12, 2006

mobstrat.jpg The blurb on Amazon tells us that "Mobile Strategies explains the different business models and strategies available for businesses looking to enter the mobile sector". Well, in this case, the book does exactly what the blurb says. Tom Weiss manages to pack an extremely complete overview of the mobile communications world into well under 200 pages. He does this with considerable style and a strong sense of narrative, whih makes "Mobile Strategies" not only worth reading, but actually pleasant to read. Obviously, he does not go into any great depth, but in terms of breadth there isn't much left out. Any book that manages to span a range like semaphore to up-to-the-minute Mobile TV in so few pages, and still remain substantial, is a rarity in the tech publishing world. It is ironic that this book is published by the same company as "Mobile Web 2.0", which only just escapes being utterly hopeless. Tom Weiss clearly cares about style, presentation, typography and general writing and editing skills, and understands why they are important. He also obviously has a deep understanding of his chosen topic. It is a pity the authors of Mobile Web 2.0 did not pick up a few tips on both aspects before publishing their book. For anybody getting into the mobile sector, or for anybody inside it in need of a breath of fresh air and a 30,000 feet view, "Mobile Strategies" is highly recommended.

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