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Waiting for the Man

, Monday, June 08, 2009

Well I think I’ve reached the height of absurdity. I’m standing on in windy street (Howard, I think) in San Francisco, towards the end of a queue (or “line” as they call it here) stretching at least 1km away from the entrance of the Apple Worldwide Developer conference. At least 75% of the people in line don’t look like they could even walk, or waddle, 1km without collapsing. Or at least stopping for a burger.


And why? Well i suppose, and hope, that it is for the Keynote, 2 hours of vapid marketing to be lapped up by the slack-jawed followers of L Ron Hubb, er, sorry, S P Jobs. Not that it’s his fault none of these geeks has a life. I imagine he can’t stand them. They’re not a pretty sight.

So what I am doing amongst them? Well the idea was that I’d get a crash course in the intricacies of iPhone programming, and maybe steal some good ideas, since I’ve run out of my own.

But so far, I just feel like I’ve landed on the wrong planet


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