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LifeDrive sunk by EU

in Palm , Monday, July 17, 2006

LifeDrive No Longer Shipping to Europe: "Recently, Palm, Inc. announced it was no longer shipping the Treo 650 to Europe because this smartphone doesn't comply with new rules regarding hazardous substances in electronic devices. What wasn't announced was that this also applies to the LifeDrive Mobile Manager."

(Via PalmAddicts.)

This is crazy. These EU directives have been published for ages. It is understandable when old, very limited market cameras like the Hasselblad XPan or Pentax 645 cannot be economically updated, but I'm sure these rules must have been known before the LifeDrive even went into design. Sounds like total incompetence to me. Or another manufacturer gratefully grabbing a chance to save face, stuck with a failed product...

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