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Moblogging 2.0?

in Mobile , Wednesday, August 30, 2006

I was intrigued by the offer of a free web based moblogging system at Scripting News.... Well, I tried it. And I tried. And I tried. And I got a lot of screens that look just like this: The link l used was most certainly what I sent. Oh well. Back to mo:blog. It ain't trendy. It ain't Californian. It is, actually, 2.0, and it does seem to be in permanent Beta, but, sadly, it doesn't support social meta tagging or crowd-driven meme mapping, so it can't be hip. Oh, and it works, too. Ok, it's not very nice, big, or clever to mock a free, experimental service. But fercrissakes, why experiment with moblogging. Been there, done that. (oh yeah.... posted with mo:blog.)

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