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Palm LifeDrive

in Palm , Wednesday, June 21, 2006

I think the Palm LifeDrive is fantastic. I finally upgraded after my battered old T3 was put out to retirement. I held off for a year because of the bad publicity, but I got a chance to buy one at a low price so I jumped. I'm a demanding Palm user. I use it for reading books, managing photos I take on my camera phone, all the usual stuff, but also keeping up with blogs using QuickNews and AvantGo, and also emergency web site maintenance using VSFTP and SiEd. The LifeDrive is simply excellent. The form factor is better than the T3, it sits in one hand perfectly and ther ergonomics are much better. The delays don't bother me. QuickNews and AvantGo load slowly when their databases are large, but they did that on the T3 as well. PDFs in Docs2Go are slow, but, again, this is not unique to the LifeDrive. The battery life compared to the T3 is excellent. I use Bluetooth/GPRS a lot, and WiFi when I can (so many open networks here in Z├╝rich :-) ). With the T3, if I was away from a power source I needed to take a Power2Go sled with me. But the LifeDrive lasts all day, no problem, with heavy use. The first few times the battery took a while to charge and ran down fast, but it soon picked up. Highly recommended.

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from Rafa on Fri, June 23, 2006 - 2:08

Hi David,

I saw your reference in PalmAddicts (be prepared for lots of visits now that you’ve been referenced there).

I also jumped on the lifedrive not so long ago… the amazing thing is that I jumped from the TX. I never liked the form factor and build quality of the TX, and, on the other hand I really liked the design of the Lifedrive and the idea of the harddrive. All in all, after a month with it, I’m really happy. Lags aren’t that horrible (coming from TX I can confirm that point) and stability isn’t an issue with lifedrive 2.0 update.

I’m also a photography hobbyist, you have some good photographs here.

Keep the good work.

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