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Waffle 2.0

in Humour , Wednesday, August 29, 2007

This is priceless. This guy, Robert Scoble, who apparently is a world famous communicator is waffling on and on about something or the other to do with social applications (don't bother - there must be some interesting paint to watch dry somewhere). scoble.jpg This screenshot is taken from a sequence where he is talking into a crackly microphone and scribbling on a whiteboard. We cannot see his face (although we get a great shot of his, er, waistline), and we can't see what he's writing on the whiteboard. And he puts this stuff on line. And he has legions of fans. Content ? Zilch. Production values ? Zilch. Ah. Oops. This is the US version of "The Office", isn't it ? God I'm so gullible.

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