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iPhone Fuss

in Mobile , Tuesday, June 12, 2007

Big fuss over in Mac developer land about Satan (Steve Jobs, apparently) not providing an SDK for the iPhone. It would be interesting for them to take a look at my Nokia N73. Since I updated the firmware a few weeks back (in order to get a reliable bluetooth connection), every time I switch it on, it asks me for the data and time, giving a default of 01 Jan 06 00:00:00. It then announces it is installing some mystery application, which, 30 seconds later, it tells me it has failed to do. Apparently I have some defective installer file on my memory card. Can I look for SIS files on my card, using the standard Nokia File Manager ? Nope. Can I delete installers from the Application Manager ? Nope. I have installed exactly 4 things: Flash Lite 2.1, Wayfinder 7, an auto screen lock app (since, incredibly, the N73 doesn't have one) and a screenshot app. One of these is screwing up, wasting my time and stressing me out every time I switch the phone on (e.g after getting off a plane) when I just want to get on and make a call. In theory I could set aside some time to investigate, but I don't have that time. The vast majority of smartphone - and any phone - users have one over-riding requirement: it has to work, always, and now. Fortunately Jobs, and Apple, gets this (although I still think the iPhone misses the point), but Mac developers quite clearly do not.

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