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Old Git Blues

If everyone was listening…

in Music , Thursday, November 04, 2010

So, call me an old git (the first part is accurate enough), but due to various circumstances which I suppose I shouldn’t go into on the interwebs, but involve a certain person acting like a spoilt child, my music soundtrack of the week has been heavily dominated by Supertramp (who funnily enough were the first live band I ever saw, back in Antwerpen when I was so much younger than today).


Obviously we all know the big hits, but Supertramp didn’t end with Breakfast in America, or indeed the fab Brother Where You Bound, but never actually stopped but swerved into much more Blues/Jazz territory. I finally got to listen to their most recent studio release, Slow Motion, last night, and, well, it’s pretty good.  The title song “Slow Motion” is great, and the closing “Dead Man’s Blues” is pretty much where I’m at, and sounds uncannily like something Neil Young or Dylan should have written.


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