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Old Dog. New Tricks 3.0: The Making Of.

in General Rants , Friday, December 05, 2008


I’ve been playing around with sketches and designs to give this website a full refresh for over 2 years. Apart from a lack of time, talent and design skills, not to mention an attention span a goldfish would envy, I’ve been thwarted by technology. First, a dreadful and very expensive hosting service, and second, the increasingly arcane, complicated and plain slow Movable Type. I solved the first by moving to, a truly wonderful service, after a false start with another company I won’t mention, but which reveals the lack of a key feature only after you’ve paid up. Merci, les gars. After a bit of fiddling with Code Igniter, and an experiment with WordPress, I finally settled on Expression Engine to build the whole site, pages, blogs, photo galleries and all. It’s a great tool. I’m not sure if it would scale up to epic industrial proportions, but for this sort of site, provided you know a bit of HTML, it’s perfect.