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New! Improved! More MegaPixels!!

in Site Admin , Wednesday, April 24, 2013

As you will have noticed, if you’re a regular visitor here (or should I say, the regular visitor here), the front page has been redesigned a bit. Hopefully the use of space is a bit improved, and the layout will cunningly impel you to do exactly what I want you to do…

..and that is is to stay here and look around a bit, which is, er, well, probably why I’ve just added a new feature called “Recommendations”, which invites you to visit other people’s websites. And that, Alanis, actually is ironic.

Whatever. The idea of “recommendations” is to point out places on the web that are maybe not so well known, with a few exceptions, but which I find interesting, inspiring and educational.  I’m a bit of an information addict, so a fair few of these are blogs, but there are some more static sites in the mix too.  So far, it’s just photography and photography-related, but a parallel “other stuff” channel is in the works.

You can find recommendations in three places. Firstly, a single random entry on the home page, at the bottom right, under the tag clouds. Second, in the right hand column of the Photoblogography main page, 5 random entries, and finally the whole lot on their own dedicated page.

I hope you find this little resource useful, and if you have any suggestions to add to it, do please let me know.