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ISO 3200

in Olympus E-System , Sunday, February 22, 2004

Guggenmusic group, Bellinzona Carnival, February 2004. Rabadan_040221_018.jpg An example of a photo taken at ISO 3200 - in camera noise reduction, RAW noise filter, and Olympus Studio noise filter applied. It is hardly perfect, and possibly other cameras do better, but nevertheless it at least matches any colour slide film rated at ISO 3200!

All a matter of choices

in Olympus E-System , Saturday, February 21, 2004

I've just been converting some high speed (ISO 1600) photos taken last night at the carneval in Bellinzona. The differences between Adobe Camera Raw and Olympus Studio are really quite striking. I think I prefer the colour from Olympus Studio - I think it is more accurate. But ACR has more punch. Finally you end up wondering which is closest to the "truth" ... Converted with Adobe Camera Raw: rabadan_acr2.jpg Converted with Olympus Studio (noise reduction ON, High Speed): rabadan_os.jpg Noise reduction is also interesting. I thought, from screen previews, that ACR was better. But on review in Photoshop, I found that Studio seems to do a better job - it reduces colour noise better, without losing so much detail. Of course it is not so easy to do a straight comparison, as the two programs have different controls. But for batch processing on this evidence I might tend to prefer Studio. But there are plenty more parameters to fiddle with yet. 100% zoom, ACR: rabadan_crop_acr2.jpg 100% zoom, Studio: rabadan_crop_os.jpg One strange thing I discovered in ACR (to me anyway) is that the Preview button toggles between the current setting and the "initial" settings. Well, obviously it has to start somewhere, but it might be nicer if it used a "flat" setting as the reference, with all settings zero or neutral.

Olivier Balen

, Thursday, February 19, 2004

I don't know anything about this guy - just encountered his URL on the Chasseur d'Images forum. But his daily photos, posted on his very low key website, are seriously addictive!

Really Right Stuff

in Olympus E-System , Wednesday, February 18, 2004

With all the talk of accessories and rumours of 3rd party E-System components, it is worth mentioning that one already exists: the Really Right Stuff Arca Swiss style plate for the E-1, model number BOE-1 A. rrs_e1.jpg This is a really worthwhile addition to any E-1 system. I use a Acratech ball head, with an Arca Swiss style clamp, and in combination these produce a very stable platform. I also have an 84D plate for the 50-200mm lens. It isn't a perfect match - unlike the body plate it isn't a specific design - but it works. There is also a photo of an E-1 / HLD2 with an RRS plate at Digital Outback Photo, but I don't have this one (yet), neither do I know the model number. Anyway, RRS stuff is highly recommended.

Quick post for today:

Jon Ragnarsson has updated his Four Thirds System web page. Well worth a visit for E1 fans.

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