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Back on air

in General Rants , Friday, June 08, 2007

Well, here we are again. Five months off-air and nothing to show for it. I originally took the whole site offline because it was just getting too much to manage. Then I decided to do a complete redesign. The trouble is, this is actually a pretty complex site, with quite a lot of legacy, and I just could not work out a strategy, let alone a design. I considered splitting it into two parts, but that means extra hassle and extra work. I considered moving it to a different host, but after signing up, I discovered that the new host didn't support remote login to MySQL (bloody stupid), so that was the end of that. Finally it seems easier to go with the flow. Maybe I'll find a way to switch from MovableType, which really a pain in the neck, to something more manageable. Maybe I'll just fiddle at the edges. But hopefully I will be more active.