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‘ere we go, ‘ere we go, etc

in Unsolicited, rabid opinions , Tuesday, July 25, 2006

"As a professional photographer, author Martin Evening knows firsthand what photographers need for a more efficient workflow. He's been working with Lightroom from the beginning," The Adobe Lightroom Book By Martin Evening ISBN: 0321450035 Publisher: Adobe Press 0321450035_xs.jpg" Mind the Gap! Stand Clear of closing doors! The Bandwagon is fuelled up and rolling out! I wonder how he's going to fill the first 200 hundred pages with a recycled manual - since there isn't one ?

The Lightroom Shuffle

in Unsolicited, rabid opinions , Wednesday, July 19, 2006

Hey ho. Key Lightroom cheerleader Michael Reichmann today posts: "...It is said that these will all come when when Beta 4 is released, at which point both the Windows and Mac versions will have parity. In any event, the few small missing items are not critical for anyone wanting to become familiar with the new software, which is likely to become one of the most popular raw image processing programs on the market." (my italics) Interesting bit of spin buried in there: as first heard on Lightroom Podcast 8, v1.0 at least is being subvervisely spun away from being a DAM-based product to "just" a RAW developer. Call me a conspiracy theory nut, but I just don't believe it is an accident. More like a clever bit of expectation management engineered by Adobe marketing. It also seems to be taking rather a long time to get to market - Beta 3 expires in Jan 07, and it seems a little unlikely that the expiry date would be set beyond a commercial release date - especially as their is a Beta 4 on the way. From what I know about software product management - which is quite a lot, actually - I'd say that they are suffering from considering far too many inputs and listening to far too many opinions. The product manager should not devolve the responsibility for a clear product vision to a forum of beta testers. I'm sure I would get tarred as totally negative if I posted this anywhere with high visibilty, but still, if this product was from anybody but Adobe, I cannot believe that it would attract quite such unquestioning praise and devotion from the "old boy" network. I wonder how they've diviied up the books ? Scott Kelby seems to have jumped the gun in a rather unsporting manner with his doubtless zany "Lightroom for Digital Photgraphers". (er, yeah ... so who else would it be for ? Fly fisherman ? Traffic Wardens ? Small furry creatures from Alpha Centauri ??) Anyway, bad news for whoever drew "DAM with Lightroom" out of the bag.

Rats, Ship, Sinking scenario

in Unsolicited, rabid opinions , Tuesday, June 27, 2006

iView Multimedia today announced their acquisition by Microsoft. A very, very carefully worded FAQ includes: "Microsoft will fully support the existing Mac products, will continue to sell Mac versions of the current iView product line and will offer upgrade pricing to all Mac users of future products that may be available based on the iView products." "Microsoft will continue to sell Mac versions of the CURRENT iView product line" - there's certainly room for manoeuvre there. "..will offer upgrade pricing to all Mac users of future products.." - but not necessarily Mac versions thereof. After what Apple did to Logic users, who could complain ? Mind you, since Macs can run WinXP, it isn't so clear what a "Mac version" is anymore. At least Bill Gates will use the money wisely.... Sick as a parrot, John.

So, farewell then RawShooter

in Unsolicited, rabid opinions , Monday, June 26, 2006

PhotoshopNews: Photoshop News and Information » Archive » Adobe Acquires Technology Assets of Pixmantec ApS: " Well well. Maybe Andy Rouse can get back to taking photos now. "Adobe believes this acquisition will not have a material financial impact on the company." no, because it was basically just a hiring issue. Some very angry people over at the Pixmantec forums, where they where sold the line "free forever" about RSE. It seems pretty much in character: who knows what went on behind the scenes, but it always morally if not legally dubious for Pixmantec to be able to market basically a clone of CaptureOne in the first place. So the track record was not good. A pity that decent people like Michael Tapes and yes, probably, Andy Rouse were taken advantage of, as well as the user & customer community. "Loyalty" seems to be a foreign concept to Pixmantec's founders. Setting aside my uninformed foaming at the mouth, the real significance of this lies in the first real world illustration of a point I've made here and other other forums recently (and been told I'm talking rubbish) - some Pixmantec users have suddenly realised they've got upwards of 10,000 RSP/RSE settings files, and that the RAW editor they've nailed their colours to has abruptly, and without warning, had the plug pulled. It is pretty bad of Adobe to act in this way: certainly, they have done no favours to photographers today, whatever their marketing bullshit says. It will be interesting to see what the Adobe cheerleaders over at make of it all...

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