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Cameraheimers ?

er, what was I going to write?

in Photography , Wednesday, August 05, 2009

Today I decided to take a relatively short walk in an area I discovered last winter, and like quite a lot, Val Calneggia. Calneggia is a road and car free valley, reached by a steep but easy path from Foroglio in Val Bavona. Although I was very tempted, I decided not to “solo” the route up to Gradisc as I’d promised not to push my luck (after last week’s adventure) and the bridge above the Calneggia hamlet has been totally vapourised by snow or meltwater, meaning a minor but nevertheless not-to-be-attempted-alone scramble is required. And I’m lazy.


Val Calneggia from Calneggia


The sort-of justification for this jaunt was to see if my actually rather good Ricoh GRD could subsitute for the 20-odd kg of Olympus gear I dragged up to 2500m last week. So I made sure I had the pouch I use to carry all the GRD’s little bits and pieces with me. I took the Olympus anyway, thinking that I might get a few shots of the waterfall, which I did, or divert to Niva where I have a long-standing wish to revisit a location, which I didn’t.


the waterfall at Foroglio

Having spent half an hour on the waterfall, I went back to the car to switch over to intrepid mountain hiker mode, and swap the Ricoh for the Olympus. It was at this point I realised that I hadn’t actually packed the Ricoh.  So I jammed the Olympus with the 14-54mm lens in the now too small daypack I’d brought, having succesfully added cameras to the list of things my memory has decided not to bother with any more.

Oh well. Next time, maybe.