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Olympus E-P1

in Olympus E-System , Monday, August 20, 2007

Well it can't be long now. The PR machine is creaking into gear, rumour and counter-rumour is flying about, entrenched positions are being dug firmly in. The reign of the longest living DSLR (?) in the short history of DSLRs, the Olympus E-1, is about to come to an end. We all have our shopping lists, but having recently dragged the E-1 briefly out of retirement, alongside the E-400, there are a couple of things I really hope we get:
  • An even better viewfinder than the E-1, with record-breaking magnification. Comparing the E-1 to the E-400, on this particular feature the E-400 is hit for 6
  • Hugely improved autofocus. This 3 point AF can't go on. It has improved a lot between the E-1 and the E-400, but it still isn't very good
  • A screen that is actually useful for something
  • Horizontal info display in the viewfinder please. The vertical version drives me crazy. Oh, and is ISO in the display really too much to ask for ?
Of course, I can't actually afford to buy it, but that doesn't stop me wishing :-)