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Flat spot

in Olympus E-System , Wednesday, March 31, 2004

I'm not very enthusiastic about photography at the moment. Or more accurately, I'm not very enthusiastic about my photography, or taking photographs. Partly due to a recent flame exchange which I found depressing in the extreme (but I do keep reminding myself that the vast majority of Americans are not, in fact, pompous name-dropping self-important tossers).

Anyway. I really forced myself to try to do something with this camera thing on Sunday and I've finally got around to posting a result.

boscoluganese_3280594.jpg Late afternoon view over Lake Lugano from Bosco Luganese

Couldn't be bothered with a tripod and everything. Maybe things will improve... The real reason, I think, is first of all, there's only so long you can stay interested in anything in a complete vacuum, and, secondly, I simply don't have the time to immerse myself to take my photography to a level I would like to reach. Or possibly I'm just a pompous, name-droppng self-important - and talentless - tosser.

Who knows.


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from Rick Robinson on Fri, April 02, 2004 - 8:22

I just discovered your website and I really like the idea of following someone in diary form that uses the Olympus E-1. I have owned the camera for just a few weeks and absolutely love it. What happened to make you lose interest in photography? How did the “flame” discussion happen?

from Tom Davis on Sun, April 04, 2004 - 3:20

I just wanted to say that I have followed your musings and results since you began and I’ve learned a lot from this site. So I hope that after you just give yourself some time off, you’ll find it worthwhile to offer some more to those of us who can use it.


from David Mantripp on Sun, April 04, 2004 - 10:36

Well thanks for the kind comments!

To Rick… what happened ? I don’t know, but some combination of information overload burnout, lack of spare time, and wondering if I really needed another 100 photos that nobody will ever look at :-)

To Tom, well I’m going to Romania for a week at Easter, and if that doesn’t kick start me again I should book myself a funeral!

I’m surprised - really - that there is much of use to people here. I have had several ideas about posting some more in-depth stuff, for example comparisons of various noise reduction tools, but I never quite finish them. Being a co-founder of a young technology startup, as I am, doesn’t always leave me as much time as I would like.

Thanks again to both of you - I’ll stop feeling sorry for myself now.

from ivo kwee on Sat, April 10, 2004 - 5:13

Hi David,

After your funeral, can I have the E-1 then? Promise to make some nice shots for your relatives… :-) Oh, yeah I love your Apple Cinema screen too. Can I have that one too?


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