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Website: Nature’s Reflection

in Recommended web sites , Friday, August 19, 2005

I'm starting a new "Recommended web sites" category today with a link to photography website Nature's Reflection. The site features photography and commentary from Zürich-based environmental scientist Catherine Cunningham. Clearly a keen mountaineer as well as a committed environmentalist, Catherine has gathered a series of thought-provoking (and just plain gorgeous) nature photographs. Apart from the aesthetic value, which is where most of us stop, she also uses her photography in parallel with her scientific work, to illustrate the real world effects of the processes her work postulates. This seems to be an effective way both of introducing the general public to the hard facts of climate change and other environmental processes, but also to add a holistic element to the science. In any case, the photography stands on its own feet, and I recommend that you take a look.

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