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Velvia 100F gets its card punched

Two wheels on my waggon…

in Film , Sunday, July 22, 2012

So there I was thinking that after I run out of the discontinued Ektachrome 100G, I’ll switch back to Velvia 100F. However….

Fujifilm announces film discontinuations | Fujifilm United Kingdom:


It appears the end is nigh. I strongly dislike “landscape photographer Velvia” - and even that is looking to be on shaky ground.  I suppose at the last resort Provia 100F is usable, providing I don’t mind everything that’s supposed to be green looking blue.

So it looks like the long term options are:

  1. switch to negative film. I suppose Ektar 100 is still in production.
  2. switch to black & white, look artistic and only speak French
  3. give up

Probably it will be 3.  I’ve got enough E100G to last until my next major project, I think. After that I guess I might sell the XPan while there’s still a demand for it.  There really isn’t much logic any more in shooting slide film. I do realise that. But there’s more to like - and photography - than logic.


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from Project Hyakumeizan on Sun, July 29, 2012 - 9:59

Nil (yet) desperandum - there’s still Agfa Precisa (asa 100 slide film) available in/from Germany - which is said to be rebranded Fuji Sensia. What’s not to like…..

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