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Linde Waidhofer

Unknown Patagonia

in Book Reviews , Saturday, September 29, 2012

A couple of days ago, while searching for photo books on Paragonia, I discovered the work of Linde Waidhofer, on the Western Eye Press website. Linde is, it seems, a long established landscape photographer with a particular affinity for Patagonia. She has an extremely nice eBook available on her site, Unknown Patagonia, which she is freely distributing in the hope of raising awareness on the risks to a stunningy beautiful, isolated part of Southern Chile which is at risk from the energy industry. This sadly reminds me of similar destructive forces in parts of Iceland.

The location is amazing, and the photography even more so. Linde Waidhofer has an understated style which does not impose itself on the subject matter, does not overly abstract things, but presents natural beauty with great taste and judgement.

Since the eBook is available for free, I would encourage you to download it, enjoy it, and pass it on, and hopefully the message that Linde is trying to put out will spread. And at the same time you’ll discover some classic nature photography (actually not just nature) which deserves to be widely known.


Save the world

but throw out the contents

in politics , Wednesday, December 02, 2009

Today in the Independent Johann Hari has a pretty good article on the climate change issue leading up to Copenhagen. There isn’t anything alarmist or sensationalist about it, and most of the examples he gives are not predictions - they’ve already happened.

I recommend reading the article.

But don’t read the comments. Please don’t read the comments. Not unless you want to feel like you immersed in a nauseating slime that will never wash off. The Independent which normally appeals to a readership which doesn’t drag its knuckles along the ground, but you’d never know it here. The (sadly typical) display of ignorance and denial fueled by petty greed and bigotry is more than enough to make me feel that wiping out the human species, by and large, will be a very positive step for the Universe.