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Colombia: Valle de Corcora

mist again

in Photography , Tuesday, December 30, 2014

A short, bouncy jeep ride away from Salento is the Valle de Corcora, home to the famous towering wax palms. Apart from these, just a few hour walk takes you through lush cloud forest, pine forests, hummingbird country, hills, fields, coffee, sunshine, fog and torrential rain. And, naturally, at the end a trucha con patacone, washed down with a bottle of Club Colombia Dorada.

The humid, dark and tangled environment of a rainforest is one of the most challenging environments for landscape photography, and also one of my favourites. If I had to chose between a week in Greenland or a week in a Central American rainforest, well, it would be a very tough decision. I haven’t actually yet managed to make much in the way of satisfying rainforest photographs, but there are a few attempts in the set below.


And once again thanks to Blaney Aristizabal for being a great guide and excellent companion.



Colombia: Salento

tenemos muchos truchas

in Photography , Sunday, December 28, 2014

Salento is a popular tourist destination in the department of Quindío. Apart from the hillside town itself, which is full of character, it provides a base to visit the Valle de Corcora cloud forest and wax palm groves, and several organic coffee plantations.  Oh, and you can eat trout. Lots of trout. And little else. Salento is a pretty easy introduction to rural Colombia, and very safe. It’s pretty photogenic too, although it didn’t really click with me as much as some other locations.  But anyway, here’s a few shots.

Oh, and if you’re looking for a cloud forest guide, look no further than the excellent “Fog Walkers”. Very highly recommended.


And after a few bottle of Club Colombia Dorada, things get a little blurry…




Back from Bogotá

switch off the magic realism

in Travel , Tuesday, December 09, 2014

Things have been quiet around here for a while. I was away in Colombia and wasn’t much in the mood for blogging or indeed any kind of connectivity. As was well stated outside a vividly decorated bar in Cartagena, “no tenemos WI-FI, hablen entre ustedes”.


one out of many good reasons to go to Colombia

Colombia is just plain fantastic. Incredible landscapes, huge variety in climate, friendly, helpful and fun people. It’s also huge, and 3 weeks barely scratches the surface. The main purpose of the trip was travel, vacation and relaxation, but I did nevertheless manage to find time to take 1,649 photos (and 3 videos), some of which will doubtless emerge in various channels in the coming weeks and months.


Film’s not dead in Colombia

Hasta mas tardes…



paradise lost

in Travel , Sunday, April 20, 2014

Looking through Tiina Itkonen‘s Greenland images I can’t help remembering my one and only visit to Greenland, some 14 years ago. I spent 3 weeks in August 1999 with a small group trekking west and north of Tasiilaq. I had various motives for this trip, one being to be able to get away from daily routine and decide if I wanted to make a big change in my life, another was to try to recapture the memories I had of the Antarctic Peninsula, still another was to purge the memory of a fairly disastrous trip to Venezuela. Oh, and of course to visit Greenland.


On most counts it was a success. I enjoyed the environment, the company, and the welcome we got from the local people. I even enjoyed eating whale meat (seal, not so much). But on a photography level it was a total disaster. Something went badly wrong with my Canon A1, either the exposure meter was defective, or it mis-read in low temperature, or I just screwed up. In any case, most photos were badly over-exposed. And worse, at one of the absolute high points, a trip out into a fjord in a small open boat with an Inuit guide tracking a humpback whale, my Tamron zoom lens fell apart and I was left with a 35mm lens. As far as I recall I just gave and enjoyed the show. But I took a few shots.

I dug out the photos again yesterday, and actually in the age of Instagram they’ve got a certain something about them. Well some of them, at least. In fact there’s a hint of “honour thy mistake as a hidden intention” in some, in retrospect.


Greenland is unfinished business to me. It will probably remain so. Going back seems increasingly unlikely.




Dear customer, we’ve changed your flight

Oh. No, actually we haven’t

in Hall of Shame , Tuesday, October 23, 2012

I don’t why it is, but for some reason airlines, collectively, have managed to produce some of the most god-awful web design and email communication on the Internet.  I’ve sent more than one rant to an airlines’ customer services department asking if I should take the state of the web site as an indication of their general maintenance standards. I should have started a collection of these years ago, but it’s never too late to start.

So, please step up Aerolineas Argentinas, who helpfully wanted to let me know about a change in a booked flight:

Mail aa

My Spanish is rudimentary, but I would say that the gist is that my flight number AR1874 has been changed to AR1874. Ohhh-kay.

Just to confirm, with a snappy graphic:

Mail aa 2

Seems to be consistent. Well, my confidence in their booking system is slightly shaken :-)


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