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in Photography , Wednesday, March 03, 2010

Since my contributions to this blog have died to a crawl, I think I’d better let the pictures do a bit of talking.


Venice, 27th Feb 2010

February is a great time to visit Venice. Not too crowded, not deadly quiet. This photo was taken using the Ricoh GRD II, and in my opinion is a great example of the almost magical way the GR lens can render this kind of scene. It’s difficult to explain, but there’s a sense of transparency, clarity and luminance which I just don’t get from any other camera. The Ricoh GR (35mm) was just the same.

This version was processed using Apple Aperture. For this particular shot, Aperture and Iridient RAW Developer have remarkably diverse opinions on what looks “right”. Aperture renders a far less saturated sky, but allows a lot more detail extraction in the clouds.

For what it’s worth, RAW Developer’s effort is a lot closer to Ricoh’s in-camera JPG. But I prefer the Aperture feel, in this case.