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#20 Nerlerit Inaat

CNP - Constable Point - Nerlerit Inaat.  A place where 1 day is a slight delay. September, 2019.


#19 Venice In Colour

Serious photography of Venice has to be done in black and white. Especially in winter. This message is repeated over and over again. This puts me in a difficult spot, as I don’t really get black and white, as a creator. And to me the magic of Venice is in the colours, in particular in the winter. This set is taken more or less at random from my last visit to Venice, at the end of winter this year.  It’s too fresh for much curation. It may well be my last visit to Venice. Time is running down.


#18 Trümmelbachfälle

Even after living in Switzerland for almost 20 years, I had never visited the complex of stairways, paths and tunnels carved in the rock face above Trümmelbach in the Lauterbrunnen valley, which give access to a series of 10 dramatic meltwater cascades spilling down from the Eiger, Mönch and Jungfrau glaciers.

Well, I have now, and despite the large number of visitors (it’s near Interlaken, and well and truly swamped), I managed to get a few snapshots.  Just for once I decided that black and white would be interesting, despite the fact that I don’t really understand back and white photography. I like looking at it, but I don’t feel much connection from a creative point of view.  Anyway, I created a preset in Silver Efex, and gave the whole set the same look.

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