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The Secret Sea

where the souls meet

in Photography , Tuesday, September 02, 2014

Anybody who has more than glanced at these pages will have noticed that apart from a twisted devotion to snow and ice, I also suffer from a chronic obsession with Venice. There’s no cure for either, and I wouldn’t have it any other way. It would be interesting to hear what a psychoanalyst would make of these recurrent themes.

So, more Venice. Back in June, sort of on a whim, I took part in an Olympus-funded photo workshop in Venice. Now, I don’t function well as a photographer in a group setting. I try to impress, or I try not to impress, I get distracted, I make terrible mistakes, and by and large terrible photos. But I enjoyed the vibe, a lot. Nevertheless, knowing that this would happen, I made sure I had some time beforehand to myself.  I had a number of pieces of the jigsaw to track down.

It was a hot, sunny day, quite busy, which in Venezia equates to “very crowded” for other cities. But as usual, away from the main attractions and routes between them, it was quiet, alternating between peaceful, and slightly eerie. In other words, perfect.

This selection of photos has been staring back at me for sometime, but with so many ideas and projects clamouring for attention, not to mention the rest of daily life, it’s taken a while for me to let them out. So here they are.


The idea of presenting the first and last as diptychs, I must confess, is partly inspired by the wonderful work of Johnny Patience, which I’ve been devouring in the past few days.  However it’s also a nod in the direction of another idea which has been bouncing around my skull for a while. Maybe it will emerge.

All these photos taken with the Sigma DP3 Merrill and brought to life by Iridient Developer.




Great photos David

By Steve Gosling, on September 02, 2014

Thanks Steve!

By David Mantripp, on September 03, 2014

My pleasure David - I hope you’re OK.

By Steve Gosling, on September 03, 2014

What can I say? I love this set of photos, the light, the colors, the compositions. Rather different from your usual manner… Street photography without people (almost).
And thank you for making me discover Johnny Patience (and Rebecca Lily). Quite inspirational, might push me to change a few things…:-)

By Bernard, on September 04, 2014

Thanks Bernard. The colours and representation of light are all to the credit of the Sigma camera.  It seems to achieve a similar look to Portra film. Note that all these were processed and final long before I discovered Johnny’s site, so the slight resemblance in palette is pure coincidence.

By David Mantripp, on September 04, 2014