What is snowhenge ?

Snowhenge is a little corner of the internet, tucked up a side street well out of the way of the heavy traffic. Few things in life are simple, and neither is Snowhenge. On the one hand, it tries to be a pretty much run of the mill photo gallery, like millions of others out there on those interwebs. On the other hand, it has to reflect the fact that its author has the attention span of a goldfish and sorry what was I saying ?

Oh yes. Snowhenge also includes other stuff about and by me, as well as a variety of writings on whatever happens to be on my mind when I feel like writing, be it on photography or anything else (but not cats. Never cats).

As far as I can remember this is the 5th version of Snowhenge, and just like its author, as it gets older it gets simpler and less interested in technical stuff. I hope you enjoy your visit, and please, do take it with a pinch of salt. I don’t really hate cats.

Yes, but what is snowhenge ?

Snowhenge is, or was, an artefact built in January 1992 at S80° 06´, W41° 53´, on the Filchner Ice Shelf, Antarctica. It’s architects were myself, Jeff Ridley, and Peter Webb. It doesn’t have a deep and meaningful reason, but it goes to show that there isn’t much on TV in Antarctica. It was used in an experimental effort to invoke Druidic powers to refill a sadly depleted bottle of Bushmill’s best Irish Whiskey, but this ended in tragic failure.

As far as I can tell, ours was the first and original Snowhenge. But more than a few other Great Minds have thought alike. Nancy Wisser has dedicated the Clonehenge blog to Stonehenge replicas, and you can find plenty of the icier variety there.

a photo of snowhenge

Who writes this stuff anyway ?

I’m David Mantripp. I live in Ticino, in southern (“italian”) Switzerland. I used to be (a) a student, (b) an Antarctic research scientist, (c) a remote sensing scientist, (d) a dot-commer, (e) a user experience consultant. Now I’m just me.

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